The Ukraine in general

Besides the Russian Federation the Ukraine is probably the most important successor state of the former Soviet Union. With a surface of 604,000 km² and a population of about 51 million people the Ukraine ranks among the biggest states in the whole of Europe. Its central role in Eastern Europe is highlighted by its common border together with seven further Middle- and Eastern European states.


Free trade areas

In order to create an incentive for companies that are ready to invest, seven different areas with tax relieves and customs facilities have been established. Considering these areas from the strategic point of view, the most favourable one is the free trade area Zakarpatje with its direct border crossing points to Hungary and Slovakia and within a radius of 50 – 100 km to Poland and Rumania. The distance to the border crossing point Görlitz comes up to 650 km.



Direct access to the developed border crossings for lorries and railway with two types of rails, as well as an airfield with landing possibility for the Boing 737.